The Independent Filmmaker's Forum

The "Missing Link" for the Independent Filmmaker.


The Independent Filmmaker's Forum is the first and only on-line computer service dedicated to independents who want to buck the Hollywood system and make their own movies their own way. It is available by computer modem at *************. Courses and seminars for independent producers all say the same thing: raise your own money and make your own contacts. Until now there has been no tool that independents could use to make those contacts and raise that money. The Independent Filmmaker's Forum is that tool.

The IFF provides a simple, low cost and speedy way for filmmakers to network with other filmmakers and exchange experiences, advice, equipment and services. Need a screenwriter? An actress? A DP? A film or video editor? Call into the IFF with your computer and modem and post your wants and needs into the various special interest forums or scan through the on-line resumes and download all that are interesting.

The service is not just for producers either. It's a great place for Cinematographers, Directors, Writers, Musicians, Actors and Technicians to find projects which need their talents. It's a service for anyone interested in independent media in any format: from Pixelvision to 35mm.

The Independent Filmmaker's Forum can be accessed with any computer and any modem. There is no need to buy and install any special software. JUST DIAL ************ AND YOU WILL BE CONNECTED TO A NETWORK OF OTHER INDEPENDENT FILMMAKERS AND ARTISTS JUST LIKE YOURSELF! You can call using a DOS or Windows PC, Macintosh, Amiga, SGI or terminal; whatever you have that can communicate with a modem.

Once on-line you will find private and internet e-mail, internet newsgroups, internet mail-lists, teleconferencing and on-line chat, and a wealth of special-interest and filmmaking information; including INDIE: The Electronic Newsletter for Independent Filmmakers. You will also find an extensive download library which includes games, screenwriting and utility programs, interviews, graphic files, movie reviews, multi-media files and even entire books and novels. From time to time there are special offers, such as tickets to private screenings of pre-release movies.

The IFF has been on-line since May, 1993 and the concept works! There have been several successful deals struck between participants on the service, and it has been used as an active link in the production of several features. It is also being used as a communication tool in the production of Phantasm IV. people from all over the US and Canada are calling in and making connections. They range from award winning independent producers and directors, to television company executives, to actors and actresses looking to get a SAG card, to truck drivers who create electronic music in their spare time.

The Independent Filmmaker's Forum can be accessed by computer modem at ************. For voice information and FAX call ************.


************: All telephone numbers for the former Independent Filmmaker's Forum BBS are no longer active.